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Mir sind mittlerweile schon einige Doppelgänger der Chloé Studded Ankle Boots begegnet, aber ich muss sagen, dass mich diverse Modelle von Topshop, Scorett.se oder LF nicht gerade vom Hocker gerissen haben.

Gestern Abend entdeckte ich dann dieses wunderschöne Paar aus Leder von
Office.co.uk und bin seitdem hin- und hergerissen... Soll ich oder soll ich nicht?!?


  1. ich hab die von topshop und jetzt ärger ich mich.die von office sind wirklich viel schöner!kauf sie dir ;)

  2. Wow, pretty darn similar! : )

    That might be a nice solution for me: I've been wanting some new shoes/booties in black that are kind of tough looking - I love the contrast with soft, feminine dresses - but I know if I get really high heels, I won't wear them much.

    Will keep an eye out for them @ Office. Why spend the extra money, right? Besides, when they get beat up a bit they'll look more like the Chloe version.

    Thank you for your sweet comments, Coco! Will let you know when I post more window self-portraits. I have a ton in front of various other Coco windows.. Chanel's.


  3. hello,

    I can't find these lovely shoes on the office site? Are they out of stock? Do you have a direct link for me?

    I definitly think you should buy them!

    xx violette

  4. @violette: they are currently out of stock :(

  5. :( do you think that they will come back online soon?

    btw, I love your blog :)

  6. @vio: thank you so much, dear! :)
    I do not know if office will restock them. but it is possible. perhaps you can contact the customer service.

  7. Hallo,

    I just wanted to say, I found them!! :D
    In the Nederlands in a store called sacha.

    I think the shoes I have now are the same as the ones on office.co.uk :)

    The url below shows a picture of them :)


  8. @vio: yeah! great, I got them too :)


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